[Windows 8] Moon alarm – all things clock, timer and moon

moon alarm

The phrase moon alarm doesn’t make any sense, but the app is all about moon and alarm.

moon alarm main screen

It has some places added to it already. Chances are your place isn’t there, you can add a place, by right clicking, add place. You can then add your place with the time zone information and latitude/longitude. You can drag to move the places on the place area. Each place has the date, time and moon phase information. The default place is Karlsruhe in Germany, your place can’t go before that unless you make your place the home.

moon alarm places

To make your place the home, right click from the main screen. Choose places, you see all places listed. Move your place to the top. Now your place is the home, and you can drag it before the default Karlsruhe on the main screen. I did it already on the image on top.

On the top of the home screen is the date and time along with the stop watch, Click on moon to see your location’s time and date in full screen. Click on the stop clock to bring it in full screen, it then starts the count down, you can cancel it with a right click,

moon alarm individual place

The app is simple with not many utilities. Clicking on each places brings you a screen with information about that location. The map on the right is not automatically detected, you need to specify latitude and longitude when you add your place to get this information right. As you can see in the image above, the geographical coordinate information is wrong. Why not the developer have a countries drop down to add your place?

moon alarm context menu

On the home screen, you can right click to bring the context menu options. You can set and start a stop watch. Add new places. You can as well as see the moon phase every day or quarter clicking next day/quarter or previous.


The app is good to quickly take a look at the moon phase. Other than that, it’s not a fully blown moon app. You can use the stop watch feature which is helpful or set alarm. It needs permission to set alarm to run in the background, grant that you have an alarm. If you in case didn’t accept the permission request in the app’s first run, you can always change it. On the app screen, move your mouse to the right bottom corner to get the charms bar. Click setting to change it. When you can set alarm right from the Googe.com with a set alarm for x minutes query, this app could be of use when you are offline. Not a bad app, not too good as well.

Get moon alarm for windows 8 here

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