Windows 8 Sticky Notes Text Formatting

windows8 sticky notes

Windows 8 sticky notes is just the same one as Windows 7. To open it, Click Windows button, in the search box type sticky notes. I use Start8 Windows 8 start button from stardock which brings the start menu back for Windows 8 and is similar to Windows 7 start menu. If you don’t use any start button, like pokki, you can open the sticky notes from the location, C:\windows\system32\StikyNot.exe

At first it may not seem to have all the options except for adding a new note, resizing notes and changing notes colors. As you begin to explore more, you can discover some of the text formatting like strikethrough which will be helpful if you want to strike out some finished task in your To-do list.

Following is a list of keyboard shortcuts for text formatting on your sticky notes,

Type of formatting Keyboard shortcut
Bold text Ctrl+B
Italic text Ctrl+I
Underlined text Ctrl+U
Strikethrough Ctrl+T
Bulleted list Ctrl+Shift+L(Press this keyboard shortcut again to switch to a numbered list.)
Increased text size Ctrl+Shift+>
Decreased text size Ctrl+Shift+<

The bold is obvious, you can select text hit Ctrl + B and its bold, do it again and its gone. Same goes for italics and underlining. But the feature to look for is the strikethrough, it is also a toggle on and off, which makes this sticky notes useful as a, To do notes.

Another feature to look for is the bulleted list. If you want to order the list in numerical order, you can do that. Press Ctrl + shift + L twice to display the list in the numbered order or press once for the bulleted list. You can keep pressing it for alphabetical order, roman numerals order and more orders. To undo it, just backspace it.

You can increase the size of texts with Ctrl + shift + > to increase, and Ctrl + shift + < to decrease.

I have used all the formatting on my To-do list for this blog (image below)


All this makes Windows 8 sticky notes an ideal tool. Well done Windows Team!



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