Windows 9 Coming With Metro 2.0 Features For The World

One of the features that will most likely be included in Windows 9 is the Live Tiles feature. Live Tiles allow users to interact with the tiled items, and get previous and information on them without having to open the respective tile. The Windows 9 tiles will be available in sizes 3 times bigger than the ones available currently. Although not all applications and programs currently support such a feature, it is expected that the main applications used on Windows will be ready.

The Metro 2.0 interface of Windows 9 will also bring along the Notification Center feature. The precise functionality of this feature is currently unknown, but everyone’s best guess is that it will work in a similar way to the one we’ve seen on Windows 8.1 Mobile. Still, more information on the subject is required to make a better understanding of it.

Even more features are expected to make their debut on September 30, alongside Windows 9, which will apparently pack the new digital assistant from Microsoft, Cortana, as well as virtual desktops, a new Internet Explorer version, and an even flatter design for the entire operating system, with floating Metro-like tiles on the desktop. The Start menu found in Windows 7 and the Start screen featured in Windows 8.1 are expected to fuse for a new, fresh look and functionality, where the search box will be placed in the bottom right corner. The right side of the display will also house live tiles and a list of apps ( both selected, pinned apps, and apps tagged as “recent” ). Windows 9 is expected to lose the Charms bar, but instead keep the Metro style apps featured in Windows 8.

There will be a live tile available in the Start screen even for Cortana, the digital assistant. Since we’re on the subject of “live”, it’s a good time to mention the fact that Microsoft is preparing live folders that might be implemented in Windows 9. The presumably success of this feature on tablet device toughen up the chances for it to make its way to the desktop edition of Windows 9, but for the time being it is still pretty uncertain what will become of this possibility.

Already a promising operating system, with a look combination of both old and new, Windows 9 will most certainly clarify all rumors when it will make its debut on the 30th of September, at an event that is presumably taking place on that day.

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