Windows 9 Officially Confirmed As The Right Name For Its OS

The Verge has reported that a teaser has been posted on Microsoft China’s Wiebo page. The teaser featured an image which displayed the number 9, as well as the Windows name below the number. The teaser also reportedly posed a question, and to be more specific, it asked whether or not the next version of Microsoft’s operating system will feature the original Start button in the bottom-left corner. The newest OS from Microsoft has also been confirmed as being named Windows 9. The teaser specified that “Windows 9 is coming soon”, therefore casting away all doubts regarding the operating system’s branding.

Further confirmation of the name comes from the same Wiebo source, where Microsoft Chine supposedly posted a picture (maybe by accident) of the Windows 9 logo, but got it down shortly after. Cnbeta, a Chinese website, managed to retrieve the photo, as it is reported.

An interesting theory comes from Neowin, which claims that the presumably leaked logo for the upcoming Windows 9 matches with Microsoft’s modern UI, and that this might be a possible clue revealing that the developer behind Windows plans on releasing the new Windows 9 installment with multiple desktops.

Before the average customer can get his hands on the new Windows OS, the software will first feature a technical preview that will be made available for developers and the tech savvy. The anticipated date for the tech preview release is September 30. The full, final build of the OS is believed to be attached to the month of April 2015.

The expectations are high, regarding Windows 9, as OS release is anticipated on coming with new features such a digital personal assistant named Cortana. Also, word is going by about virtual desktops, and how the desktop would feature Metro-style app that would float around. The entire UI will presumably feature a flat design, and the newest version of Internet Explorer is also slated to make an appearance.

Cortana will apparently resemble the smartphone version of the feature, and it will come with its own live tile in the Start screen.

The authenticity of the presumed Windows 9 logo is both supported and questioned, as on one hand,  it did show up on Microsoft’s official channel, but  on the other hand, some claim that it might be a fan-made wallpaper dating from few months back.

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