Windows directory analyzer and statistics

If you are running out of disk space or what to free up some disk space on a drive, you then need an analyzer that shows disk space taken by each drive, its files and folders. WinDirStat is a disk space analyzer for Windows that works up to Windows 8.1.

Windirstat disk space usage view

It gives you directory information on a tree view above, file types on the right and a drive graph on the bottom (image above). From the tree view, you can drill down to find folders that’s taking a lot of space yet not useful to you anymore. You would see where that directory fits on the graph, it highlighted by a white square or rectangle on the graph. The bigger the square or rectangle, the more space it occupies.

The colors you see on the graph, the keys, are the file type keys for the graph, which shows you what file types are taking a lot of space. On the top-right, you can see file types sorted by their space used in the descending order and with a color associated with it. DLL files are in blue color, which is the most disk space used in my case. The grey ones on the graph are other file types that doesn’t have a color associated. Only the most common file types have a color associated, the rest of them are in grey.

On the C: drive or where your Windows is installed, you can usually see some redundant space taken by directories on the C:\user\your_windows_account_name. You can find that out and then proceed to deleting. You can delete files or folders by right clicking on them. You can open them in an explorer or open a command prompt at that location.

You might want to consider shredding these files if you want to delete them without being able to be recovered. The above linked shredding is for Windows 8, for other versions, you can use Eraser shredder.

If you are curious as to how many disk spaces are taken by say, mp3 files, you can find that out. All the mp3 files on a drive would possibly have a color associated. You can see how it is scattered on the drive graph. Its total file size would be in the right panel.

You can as well as select a folder to only analyze that.


Windirstat is a very useful utility that lets you analyze your entire drive or a folder and see what takes the most disk space when you are running out of disk space. It is constantly being updated and there is a blog where you can see the program’s activities like design or update. There’s been a trojan attack recently that’s infecting this program and is spreading it on a lot of sites. So make sure to only download it from the main site.

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