Windows Phone 8.1 Along With Lumia Cyan to Lumia Phones – Top Striking Features

Starting on July 16, owners of the Windows 8 operating system will get the Lumia Cyan update, and the 8.1 windows phone update. These updates will bring Lumia’s specific features and more enhancements.

The updates will be OTA (over the air). User might have to wait a bit longer if the updates are not ready on time, or to update their phone’s manually by accessing Setting>Phone update. We will show you some of the updates that will come out of this updates.

What are the Updates?

  1. The update will bring the virtual personal assistant Cortona.
  2. The Office for Windows Phone will be updated, owners will be able to edit, save, view and share Excel, Word, PPT and OneNote books. You can also use Outlook, OnDrive and Skype in the same time.
  3. There will be a third column of Live Tiles (customised), and the background feature in the home screen.
  4. You will be able to storage your apps on the micro SD card.
  5. The camera has been improved, it will have a lot more colour reproduction on different models of Lumia (Nokia Lumia 1520, Nokia Lumia Icon), these models will have the Nokia Rich Recording and the Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 stereo sound for more quality to the audio recording and video recordings also. The camera will also have better low-light abilities.
  6. After the update, all the Lumia will receive the Nokia Storyteller app. The app gives the owners the ability to create stories using slideshow video and the stories can also be shared on social media.
  7. There will be added “Word Flow” to the keyboard (its something like the Swype), and there will be introduced a new Action Center for settings and notifications.
  8. The Internet Explorer 11 will be able to save and remember passwords, and it will support HTML 5, that can be used for the Youtube playback.
  9. The “Wi-Fi” sense will be added (it automatically connects the device with Wi-Fi hotspots)
  10. With the new Device Search you will be able to simply search for appointments, contacts, etc just by typing the keywords in the Bing search bar.

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