World’s First Ubuntu tablets


The World Mobile Congress 2013 has brought up not only a lot of new devices, but also some new players in the OS arena. That’s where we can finally discover the new operating system based in the most famous distribution of Linux, Ubuntu. It can actually work both as a full operating system or just as a user interface that turns any portable device into a computer, basically an app running on Android based multi-core processor phones.

As it usually happens it’s not all about launching  a new operating system, it’s also about having good devices running on them to make it successful. In this occasion there is an Australian brand of tablets that has launched the first two tablets based on Ubuntu. These are the  Intermatrix U7 and U10, or may we say “would be”, because it is yet to be determined if they will actually be built. We are talking about the version with a 7” screen and the version with a 10” one, but the own company still doesn’t give a lot of details about the devices.

The company first launched the project as the “World’s first”, offering two versions of the same device. Both U7 and U10 are to come packing with a quad-core 1.5 GHz Cortex A9 CPU, 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of on-board storage, among others. These are amazing specs for a 7” tablet if we compare it to competitors in the market, but still seems to be not enough to run Ubuntu smoothly. Another good aspect together with the great hardware is the low price, somewhere between 269 and 299 Australian dollars, but this is possibly going to change as the own company says. That’s where Intermatrix has lowered down expectations about this first Ubuntu tablets, because everything from design to specifications and including price, are susceptible of change. Delays are likely to happen, and shipments won’t start anytime before October 2013, so basically they are just accepting pre-orders of the devices.

So, things to be said, Intermatrix has announced that there will soon be available in the markets two new Ubuntu tablets, that may be the first ones, but the truth is that everything from the images we can see online to the high quality specifications are just words at the moment. We hope we can soon offer hands-on reviews of both Intermatrix U7 and U10 Ubuntu based tablets.

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