Xbox One Minecraft Finally Here, World Import Tutorial

The latest console instalment from Microsoft for the Xbox series, the next-gen Xbox One, finally received its very own edition of the popular building game Minecraft. The game is available for purchase and it comes with a $19.99 price tag. A discount is offered as well for those that previously bought the game. If you’re the owner of an Xbox 360 Minecraft edition, you can get the Xbox One edition for just $4.99, which is a substantial discount.

Owning a previous version of Minecraft pays off when it comes to add-ons as well. If you have bought add-ons on your Xbox 360 game, just attach the Xbox One to your Live profile as well . After that, you will be able to get the add-ons on your Xbox One for free. Select the Get it free ¬†from the respective add-on’s page.

One of the most expected features of the Xbox One edition, the ability to transfer over entire worlds from the Xbox 360 edition, is incredibly simple and fast to use. All you have to do is head over to your Xbox 360 and run Minecraft. Next, select Play Game¬†and select Save Location. After that, just press Y to upload the map to the cloud service. Now it’s time to pull out the brand new Xbox One and run the Xbox One edition of Minecraft. Select Play Game just like before, and use the X button to download the previously uploaded world from the Xbox 360. That’s pretty much it, just as simple as that. Now you can continue on your Xbox One from where you left off on the 360.

Microsoft, while making sure everyone knows that the Xbox One edition features worlds 36 times bigger than the ones on the Xbox 360, encouraged the Minecraft consumers to join the continuously growing Minecraft Live community, which already reached about 13 million members.

Minecraft’s goal is pretty much the same since it launched, namely to keep on surviving while constructing whatever comes to the imagination. The diversity in game is provided by all the addons and skins, as well as construction options. Its growing fanbase is attracted to the game’s 8-bit overly simplistic design, as well as the equally simplistic gameplay mechanics have paved the way for Minecraft’s success among a pretty impressive crowd which includes the younger generations of gamers, but not only that. You can join the party to start building something cool yourself, or at least to check out the amazing constructions other players have been able to put together.

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