Yahoo Widget’s Weather App is still the best weather app

yahoo widget weather app

On March 2, 2012 Yahoo! shut down the Yahoo! widget. But it still works on all Windows version up to Windows 8 without any problem. I tried finding the best weather app for my Windows 8 PC with no help. Finally I installed the Yahoo! widget found on my hard disk. It installed smooth and I had the weather app as a backup that came in handy. The Yahoo! widget is expected to run without an hiccup for a foreseeable future, till then it’s good to have it running before other widgets makes it’s appearance that is similar or better.

To get started with the installation, you need to get Yahoo! widget engine. The last build version is 4.5.2 (build 10A50). It’s still available online to download. You can get the version 4.5.2 from here.

Install it and then download the Yahoo! weather widget from here. Open the YahooWeather,widget to get it running. The widget gets it’s weather data from

That’s it for getting the Yahoo! weather widget on your desktop. You can as well. search for other Yahoo! widgets those that were your favorites before, by searching it on Google here.

The search query to search is “yahoo widget”

The reason to search is, it has almost all of the popular Yahoo! widgets.

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