Your Samsung Galaxy S2 Isn’t Performing Like It Used To ? Try A Hard Reset

The Samsung Galaxy S2 is far beyond something you might call a ‘fresh” device, as it is a veteran of the Galaxy series released by Samsung. A great phone in its prime, it is still used today by many of you due to having a positive history behind it, or maybe just out of nostalgia. Either way, there’s nothing wrong with that, and you shouldn’t get rid of it just because it became a little unresponsive and it doesn’t perform quite like it used to when you first took it out the box. Instead of going out and getting a new device, especially if you’re not in the best financial situation, you can try to hard reset your S2 to make it run like in the old days.

It is very important that you realize what a hard reset does to your device. This process will wipe your phone’s memory clean, leaving nothing behind, therefore it is of the essence that you backup your important files and information while you still can. It doesn’t take long, it spares you a few headaches after you complete the process. There are several ways to backup your files, as you can use a cloud storage service to upload all your important data, or manually transfer all your precious belongings to your computer by using a USB cable. Also, you can use Titanium Backup if your phone has root access.

There is more than one way to do the reset, and you can choose whichever suits you best:

Settings Reset Option

This is the easiest way to perform the reset, as all you have to do is navigate through your phone’s menu up to the settings, and choose Backup and Reset. The next option you have to look for is Factory Data Reset. From the same menu you can use the phone’s backup options. Once you choose Factory Data Reset and Reset Data, the process will begin and your phone will reboot. When it boots back up, it will ask you to restore your apps.

Hardware Buttons Reset Option

Although the settings option is much simpler, it’s nice to know that you have a backup solution in case you want to reset your device. The hardware button method implies that you turn off your device, then turn it back on by holding the Home, Power and Volume Up keys down together. Keep holding them down until the recovery screen appears. Use the volume keys to scroll up and down and the Power button to select, and choose the wipe data/factory reset option. Next, select “yes, delete all user data”, and wait for the process to finish. Same as before, you will be prompted to restore your apps upon rebooting the phone.

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