Youtube Experiment – related videos has increased title font size

youtube video page

This is how the Youtube video page looks like (image above), currently. Youtube has an experiment going on that increases font size on the related videos title. The related videos you see on the right side, it’s title as of now, is small and is 13 pixels in size. An experiment is being carried out for some of the few users that increases this font size to 19 pixels in size, making it bigger. This is how the page looks like with the experiment turned on.

youtube video page with font experiment turned on

You can see the difference now. It’s almost the same size of the video title.

I don’t know what the experiment is all about. Maybe it’s Youtube trying to get more attention to the related videos section. You can’t turn on the experiment from your Youtube screen anywhere. To turn on, you have to execute a small piece of javascript to modify a line in the cookies, Youtube stores on your browser. You can execute that code either in your browser’s console or with a bookmarklet.

The javascript to execute is,

document.cookie="VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE=-fntp2HbKFI; path=/;";window.location.reload();

I am not going to give you instructions on how to execute it on the console, as Alex of Google system did a wonderful job of explaining it, link below this article (thanks Alex). What I am going to do is, share a bookmarklet that you can drag it on your bookmarks bar. You can turn on the experiment features now just by clicking on the bookmarklet.

Youtube’s Font Exp ON

You can now check this experiment on any video now.

Drag this following bookmarklet as well, to turn it off.

Youtube’s Font Exp OFF


[via GoogleSystemBlog]

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