Youtube geek week’s geek test

Youtube geek week starts from today and goes on till 10th. I am more interested in the geek test. Youtube has a new tab in its channel page, geek test. That page is iframed with the app page hosted on appspot. You can access that page here, and I am also iframing it here below this article. This is interesting as Youtube pages now can have a page for app. Not sure if this feature is already rolled out or is yet to be.

Not that I am going to skip other parts of the geek week. This is fun what youtube is doing.

The geek test page is done on Flash. It’s container is in Flash, so are the other elements. The geek test is a series of 8 test. Each test is a video and a question is asked with 3 answer options. The question and answer are on overlay that goes above the Youtube video. Each video is 5 seconds and a video on its own. The videos are hosted on Youtube’s official account, is unlisted and is only accessible when the link is shared.

You answer the question within 5 seconds the video runs, by clicking on one of the options. You get different sounds for correct and wrong answers. The answer options gets randomized in order every time you take the quiz. After the quiz ends, you get score card with a score and a comment. The highest score gets a comment “The geek is strong in you”, for score less than 200, “It’s official you are a geek”, with the mid score saying “you are a geek in training keep it up” and the low score says “Hmm… the geek is weak in you”.

If Google shares the code it created this quiz, can be useful to create quizzes with Youtube videos.

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