Youtube most repetitive ads (India) – May 2013

Youtube’s video ads inventory is not full for India. The ads get repetitive often, even after refreshing the page, you still see the same ad. It gets annoying after some time. But thankfully most ads can be skipped. You can clearly see how its been played over and over again by the view counts the ad videos got. Here are some of the most repetitive Youtube video ads for India, during this month, May 2013,

1. Cadbury Bournville New TVC – Not So Sweet

This is the most repetitive ad at the moment. The blond haired girl taking about her new kitten her dad bought and goes on talking about how sweet is her kitty, to the point where it’s full of kitty sweetness, a cannibal plant that can’t take it anymore eats her, not so sweet ending, that’s their point.

2. Bluestar – Cools the boss

I can’t find this ad today. It disappeared all of a sudden! I can’t even find the original ad video, so I have embedded the one I found searching for it. This one used to be an annoying ad as well. With a trumpet playing so fast. Thank god it disappeared for good!

3. Cadbury Bournvita — Tayyari Jeet Ki — Aadatein

This ad doesn’t come as often as the first one. As well as the ad starts with a pleasant instrumental, so I didn’t quickly hit the skip button. I even watched it many times. So no complaining here.

4. WeChat TVC- Phir kab miloge (30sec)

This is the least repetitive ad at the moment, but I bet it might become one of the most repetitive the next month. Wechat app is developed by a Chinese company, people might be thinking it’s an Indian company who developed Wechat, so that’s a quick information for you. This ad is ok, its a song and most of them are liking it. But when I see this ad, I always think why doesn’t an Indian company make a messenger app. It’s always nice when the ad is just 30 seconds. It’s the sweet spot for Youtube. Any longer than that, it gets boring and annoying if it repeats over and over again. The worst part is when you can’t skip the ad. It happens rare though.

5. Chai commercial

I just saw this ad today and is already repeating more often. So it hit this list. All the ads from the second on this list, can’t be repetitive for you than the first one, at least we agree on one ad.

As I look for more videos that I am so sure would have a video ad, I see different video ads and the first video ad on the most repetitive list is still the most repeating one. May not be after this month, but who knows.

Now I can say Youtube India’s Video Ad inventory is getting filled up. More ads. Less chance of repetition, that’s what Youtube wants as well.

Let me know what are the commercials you see often in the comments section below,

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